Responsible travel

Keep green in mind

It can require quite a bit of research to find and choose just the right eco-friendly luxury service, activities, or accommodation. So why not let us do the legwork to find you the best responsible travel options out there? We are committed to incorporate green and eco-friendly fundamentals to our everyday operations and the principles of responsible travel will be built into every trip, jet handling or event you book with us. 


While you are enjoying the holiday of a lifetime, rest assured that we are making sure your environmental footprint is at its minimum. To cater to our conscious travellers, all of our journeys are climate neutral compensated through our cooperation with the climate organisation Chooose. Our selection of exclusive properties demonstrate that luxury doesn’t mean compromising on sustainability. The properties we hand-pick for your stay all have implemented a green policy, by using sustainable construction materials, participating in recycling programs, conserving water, or preserving vulnerable ecosystems. The adventures we tailor for you also bear the green seal, so that every choice you make is ultimately respecting the environment, people and culture you are visiting. 


Together we can make a difference! Access Oslo is at the forefront of contributing to sustainable tourism. Through our responsible travel operations, we aim to decrease our environmental footprint and increase our positive impact on local communities. 

We´re not perfect and we still have several adjustments to make and eco-friendly measures to implement to bring down our environmental impact to the strict minimum. Nevertheless, we are mindful of our responsibility to our planet and to future generations.

Chooose a cooler world

CHOOOSE actively sources and manages a global portfolio of climate projects to power our climate compensation programs. From verified carbon offset projects to future-looking Nature-based solutions, CHOOOSE enables business to select climate compensation that fits our corporate preferences.

CHOOOSE handles all of the details, from recurring climate compensation execution (i.e. carbon credit retirement and certification), to offset volume forecasting and technical administration, to compensation reporting.


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