By Aleksander Aaland, Access Oslo general manager

Access Oslo Executive Handling was founded in 2016 and has since become one of the leading executive ground handlers in the Nordic region. We started in a monopolistic market which was characterized by a level of service and safety that didn´t match the standards that would be expected from a VIP ground handler today. With a unique insight into the market from a traveler’s, operation’s, and handler’s point of view, we have always been one step ahead. What makes Access Oslo stand out is our ability to quickly adapt to our discerning high-end clientele’s needs and to identify new business opportunities. 

We have been continuously developing our business with regards to our level of service.
But, most importantly, we assembled a strong team with expertise in all the relevant fields. Indeed, our team has extensive experience, from flying business jets to airplane chartering and designing exclusive journeys.

I am myself a pilot by trade and having been in the aviation business and working for high-end markets for more than fifteen years, I saw first-hand an opportunity for Access Oslo to enter the underdeveloped luxury travel market in Scandinavia. As a pilot and a passenger who often flew to and from Norway, I saw the potential for offering a more sophisticated service to VIP clients. We therefore expanded our services to not only offer airplane handling, but also to be a “one-stop-shop” for our clients.

While establishing our Oslo and Sandefjord Torp Fixed Based Operations (FBOs), we acquired crucial knowledge about the current travel market and the needs of our high-profile clientele. We also earned an excellent reputation amongst key players of the travel industry and our clients trust us to handle their business. 

Within the past couple of years, our high-end clientele has expanded significantly. And, a significant number of customers have requested exclusive travel services at our two FBO’s. Thus, we quickly realized that there was a demand for luxury travel services in Norway, we also noticed that there are very few companies in Norway, and Scandinavia for that matter, that deliver elevated travel services. Whether they are travelling for pleasure or for business, we want to be the one-stop-shop that VIP clients will gravitate towards when booking their next vacation or work trip. 

Safety is our priority

Everyone can say they operate safe but not everyone has a systematic way of continuously evaluating and mitigating safety issues. Access Oslo has a comprehensive program (IS-BAH stage II) for achieving the highest level of safety possible in aviation. We were the first handling company in the Nordics to be IS-BAH certified and to implement such a safety program. We care about our clients and we ensure they are in safe hands from the moment they embark with us until their return home. 

Commitment to sustainable travel

Through our responsible travel operations, we aim to decrease our environmental footprint and increase our positive impact on local communities. Also, to cater to our conscious travelers, all our journeys are climate compensated through our cooperation with the climate organization Chooose. We are not perfect, and we still have more adjustments to make and several eco-friendly measures to implement to bring down our environmental impact to the strict minimum. Nevertheless, we are mindful of our responsibility to our planet and to future generations. 

COVID-19 & post-COVID 

As we all know – dealing with the COVID-19 repercussions has been and still is a difficult challenge for the whole travel industry. What Access Oslo has been through is no exception. However, we used the quiet time that we’ve had so far during the pandemic to focus on improving our services, strengthening our team, and making your journey with us even more memorable. We are confident that Access Oslo will be a more robust company post COVID-19, with an even greater focus on sustainability. We would love for you to come join us on our journey and together create great new opportunities! 

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