New Lounges in all locations

We know what passengers and crew appreciate when traveling. Enjoy new lounges, with a Scandinavian touch, free fast WIFI, complimentary drinks and snacks – coffee and sparkling water. We have also VIP quiet privacy lounges for our guests.

VIP lounge
Oslo Airport

This is a recreational area with plenty of space for small and large groups up to 150-200 passengers. The lounge is inspired by nordic theme and creates a quiet atmosphere. While waiting enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks from our self service café or let our service minded staff serve whatever you desire.

Crew & VIP Quiet Lounge Oslo Airport

After a long journey or rest between flights – our crew lounge is designed to take care of the crew. With all facilities, TV, day beds, light dimming, office corner and music player this would be the ultimate crew lounge. This lounge also works as a VIP quiet zone for our guests who wants total privacy. Meeting facilities are also available.

VIP lounge Sandefjord Torp Airport

State of the art VIP terminal in our own premises at Torp Airport. Quiet and new furniture. All facilities such as VIP area, VIP-lounge with TV, music and comfortable couches. Board room for up to 12 persons makes this a perfect place for business meetings.